Saturday July 19th 2008

Lil Mike & Suze's

Summertime Thing

(with our special Summer guest hostess/niece Arianna )

Yer Invited To Drop By !

  A Geeky Garden Gathering

We realized we are both halfway to octogenarian status and decided upon having people over for Bar BQ & Beers & Whatnot before we all need our b-day colostomy bags changed!

House Privileges will be granted to those who are House Trained!

We'll Have Some Varied Vittles & Cool Ones

But The Ambitious & Particular May Wish To Bring a Fave Beverage or Bar BQ Treat

Saturday July 19th 2008 - 12noon and on 

Party until the neighbors go postal or the Evel Knieval pinball machine breaks


3288 & 3290 Morcom Ave ( near Pierson )

Oakland CA 94619

510 535 0534


The Oakland Casa is near Mills College ( & public transit options)  in case yer wondering where you'll be situated...

 Check The Link Below for Pertinent Info, Arrival Options & Map:

Directions Preview Pix

P.S Swimming is also an option from Noon til 5:45 at the Mills College Pool just down the hill ($7 fee )

(If you have kids this a fun option for shizzle...! )

 House Phone 510 - 535 - 0534